Before & After

    So many people have asked us about the process we went through renovating our beautiful building. Here is just a glimpse of all of our efforts. We couldn't have done it without the people pictured here and so many more. 
In memory of Gary Berta (1938-2015).
primitive touch
This was what the outside looked like before we touched it...not much to look at is there?
Wood covered beautiful architecture outside.
Inside, we're not sure what all that was covering the transom windows.
Yes that is paint.. someone had actually painted over the windows.
There was a drop ceiling at one time.
We removed all the wood in the old drop ceiling and used it in the new walls.
It was hiding a beautiful wood beam ceiling and bow tie trusses.
There was an old garage door here that we removed and put the fireplace.
It once had 2 sets of doors, as there were 2 businesses operating at one time.
Here we are putting up new walls.
More new walls.
Here is what was hiding behind the dropped ceiling. Of course we had to run new duct work.
This is the main wall that separates the showroom from the storage area.
This is Scott Cutrer cleaning those nasty transom windows... lots of elbow grease.
This is another picture of that big wall. You can see the shorter 5 ft. wall that divides the two showrooms.
 This is Gary Berta's office in the works. We couldn't have done all of this without his support.
There was plaster all over the walls, but we decided to leave some and expose the brick on the rest.
This is after we had painted. We used metallic paint on the back wall. We wanted it to look like 4 x 8 pieces of sheet metal.
The office after it was painted... everything looks dark because we didn't have our lights up yet.
This is the mechanical room and our breakroom.
We trimmed all the windows and front door with reclaimed lumber from grain bins.. nothing prettier. Lots of hard work!
Here are the guys putting in the fireplace- Dewayne Larson & Dustin Hasselmann (GH Construction)... amazing guys!
This took several days. It's a big fireplace.
It was quite a process, but well worth it.
Here they are working on the front door. They were a blast to work with!
Even late in the evenings, they would stay until the job was done.
Here is the fireplace after completion. Notice it's surrounded by the old reclaimed lumber... nothing else would do.
This is our electrician Pat Bittner. He owns Huskerland Electrical Services. First class work!
This is Armondo Perez. He has Armondo Perez Construction, another great guy! He's always there to bail us out.
We painted the floors red to pop with the grey painted walls.
It looks like a ballroom when it's empty.
Here is our plaster painted with a dark gray.
This is our plumber, Sal Mendoza (Premier Plumbing).
New potties.
Here is Carl Mayhew and his crew putting up all of our new signs and facade. Fantastic work!
Here we are working on the outside. It was almost as much work as inside.
This is the outside after the wood was removed.
The new historic signage canopy.
Here is Gary and Billie Berta relaxing at the new fireplace. They're excited that it's almost complete.
We are now open!! Thank you for taking the time to share our journey!